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Steven Gerwin-Manchester-5 Stars

I bought the Nikon D7100 as I wanted to upgrade from my old D40 and it was well worth it.

I phoned and spoke with David who helped me decide which model would suit me best.

I'm really pleased with the camera and the service as it arrived quickly.



John Davies-Suffolk-5 Stars

Great camera and great service. I love the size and image quality from the A7.

I would not hesitate to use Cotswold Cameras again!

Mrs Beresford-London-5 Stars

Thank you for your quick delivery. Everything was perfect and I love my new camera.

Matthew Rooke-Northumberland-5 Stars

The qualities of the Sony A7 are so widely known and so highly praised by so many knowledgeable and influential professionals that there is little that I could add to the wealth of information online about this fantastic piece of kit. The reason for this 5* review is the quality of service and fantastic value for money provided by Cotswold Cameras. I had been looking into the Sony A7 for several months and whilst I had seen a large number of discounting suppliers advertising online, there was always something that made me uneasy about making such a significant purchase online without any personal "real life" experience of the vendor, basing my judgement on the belief that if it is too good to be true there is is probably a reason for this. However, as the delighted possessor of a Sony A7 with Kit lens plus Zeiss FE35 and 55mm lens I am happy to say that there are exceptions and in this case it is Cotswold Cameras. David was very attentive, open about the process, provided all the information that I required and took payment via bank transfer, all of which gave me the confidence to proceed knowing that there was a real person at the other end of the system. I had excellent tracking info and everything arrived in the promised time frame by first-class couriers (UPS and Fedex). How could it be any better? A great service and great photographic equipment that is a third cheaper than using a UK chain retailer - or looked at the other way getting one of these fabulous Sony Zeiss lenses absolutely free.

k.boyott-staffordshire uk-5 Stars

first rate service from professional people, can not fault this company at all, the camera isn't bay either.

Janet Hadley-Isle of Wight UK-5 Stars

Very happy with Cotswold Cameras I placed my order for a new Nikon 610 with lens and it arrived within 6 days just like they promised all shiny and brand new with a big saving on uk prices.

Will definitely deal with them again without hesitation. Highly recommended five stars.

Gerrard-Redican-5 Stars

I was in the market for a 70D and i did extensive searches online. And then came across Cotswold Cameras. So i emailed them with a quick question. The reply was quick and informative. Exactly what i needed, i hadn't spent such a large amount on a camera before so was a tad nervous. Cotswold put me at complete ease. In fact all the emails that i sent were replied to courteously and quickly. It was like i chatting to a mate! I bought the camera without hesitation. I would highly recommend Cotswold Cameras to you. They will be my first visit for any other future purchases. I doubt i will even look elsewhere.

Anon.-Bristol, United Kingdom-5 Stars

The 5Dm3 and lens was a significant investment for me as a keen amateur so I took my time before pressing the submit button especially regards this whole imported goods issue. I wont say how great the camera is that been done to death elsewhere. I will mention though the service I got from thsi supplier.

The advice I got from David about which lens to go for was really helpful. No high pressure sales just good common sense advice based on David understanding my needs as a photographer.

I had not heard of Cotswold Cameras before but was recommended them on a camera forum.

I was concerned at first about buying non UK goods.

The items I ordered, arrived quickly (5 days), were of excellent qualitybrand new in box etc..., of UK spec and there where no extra import duty charges etc.

So to sum up Cotswold cameras. Excellent advice and service with very very good prices. Way better than high street and most internet sellers. There are one or two others out there who might be marginally cheaper perhaps, but the advice and service was not as good. The extra 3 or 4% you pay extra is very well spent. So much so that I have just placed an order for a new UWA lens.

Paul Davies-Wales & Italy-5 Stars

Excellent, friendly service with questions promptly answered. thoroughly recommended for the service and the camera.

Colin Jarvis-Bristol-5 Stars

I was a little wary at first of buying from an online shop having had a few bad experiences before but I contacted Cotswold Cameras to ask a few questions and they responded via email within a couple of hours. Sarah was very helpful and put my mind at ease as she explained the process.

The camera (which is an incredible piece of kit) arrived within 3 days and as far as I could tell was exactly the same as the one I handled in my local camera shop before.

2 weeks after my camera arrived I got a bill from FedEx for about £30 so I got in touch with Cotswold Cameras and they told me to email them the invoice. Within 1 hour they had refunded the money back to me.

Based on this experience I would definitely order again as I saved hundreds of pounds on the UK retail price and the customer service has been efficient and responsive. It's nice to deal with a company who treat you like a person rather than just an order number for a change.

Now I just can't wait to get out and use my camera more.

Anne Fraser-London-5 Stars

Great camera, great price and most importantly great service. Thanks

John Sandle-Truro-5 Stars

Cotswold Cameras were recommended to me by a friend as he had bought from them and saved a lot of money. I checked their website and prices and they were very competitive.

I ordered on Saturday and a brand new Nikon D810 was delivered by Fedex on Thursday morning.

Needless to say I am very happy with the camera and Cotswold for their quick service. I will be using them again when I buy the 70-200 lens.

richard ashton-horley surrey-5 Stars

I found David very helpful. Great communication, extremely competitive prices and the camera arrived exactly as anticipated. I haven't used Cotswold Cameras before and like most tend to consider reviews and other peoples experiences, well, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Cotswold cameras again.


Castle Street-UK-5 Stars

I've had this 2 months now and I'm loving using it and getting some great results. There are somethings which are challenging; it has so many different ways of doing the same thing that it's hard to get one way lodged in my memory, however 15 minutes with the manual every so often is proving time well spent. The pro lens is lovely but if yours comes and seems to be stuck in manual push the rings on the lens until you find the one that moves out and back, that's how you change it from manual to auto - hope this saves you 30 minutes of frustration and trawling the web for answers. The batteries burn quickly so get yourself some spares

Frank Dernie-Oxfordshire-5 Stars

Excellent service from Cotwold Cameras, and an absolutely superb camera. I have been trying to downsize and this camera has replaced a big DSLR for most SLR type stuff. I am always delighted by the size/weight/ quality balance.

Zoe Shayle-Newent, Gloucestershire-5 Stars

This is a really good product! fast delivery

Gary Ware-Bradford-4 Stars

Wanted something up from the D40 & this seemed the next step up. The image quality is good even on lower settings & the lens I opted for with the anti vibration feature means you can go to lower shutter speeds without blurring.

I am impressed by the whole set up except the cheap Nikon camera strap.

David-London-5 Stars

I was teetering on the edge of jumping into Fujifilm's X system with the XT-1 when I found Cotswold Cameras, and that turned out to be all the encouragement I needed. Not only did their price far outstrip any other offer out there, their communication, service, and prompt delivery excelled. ( The camera arrived earlier than promised. I ordered it on a Sunday and didn't expect any acknowledgement until office hours on the Monday, but heard from a real person within an hour the same day. No idea why they didn't have something better to do on their weekend...)

As to the XT-1, it has turned out to be a joy to use and to learn. I don't subscribe to the view that there is a 'perfect' camera out there if only you can afford it. And in any event, the way you take your photographs, what kind of photographs you like to take, and your relationship with your subject are the only authorities that count. Could be a Box Brownie if the moment is right and your energy is up. But for me - an admitted 'geek', whose other cameras are film cameras, a Leica M3 and a Hasselblad 501 and trying to get into the different beauty of digital - I eventually realised that the stunning DSLRs out there, tempting as they are, were not for me. Not because they aren't incredible. But because of the way I like to photograph. And it turned out that the XT-1 feels as close to the digital version of my Leica as I could have imagined. In truth, I think its performance when coupled with the frankly astonishing prime lenses ( I have the 35mm and the 56mm) is equal if not better. I love the visceral feeling of shooting in manual with access to the ISO, shutter speed and aperture via physical dials and the lens ring. The auto-focus is excellent. And although I usually shoot raw, and post process in Lightroom, the quality of jpegs straight out of the camera - with Fujifilm's astonishing digital replication of their film stock - e.g. Velvia, which I also use in my Hasselblad - is quite remarkable. Above all, the electronic view finder is frankly sumptuously huge. I know many people are sceptical of an EVF, and with good reason, but I was almost instantly seduced into feeling that I was looking through a great optical viewfinder on a classic range finder. ( And in my opinion there is none better than the M3's.) It's faster than a blink.

And. finally that all important Image Quality. On the lenses I've mentioned above - and only because they are the only lenses I have any experience with - it is nothing short of exceptional. Yes, a full frame DSLR - with a maximum shutter speed far in excess of the 4000/sec available on the XT-1 - and a flash sync speed much faster than the 180 available on the Fuji - can achieve astonishing things. But given the low light potential of the XT-1, the more or less noiseless quality up to ISO's s high as 3200, and the exquisite sharpness and bokei of their primes - plus that very personal control of the shot via the dials - this camera can produce images of such intensity and clarity that they stand up to the identical scrutiny you'd apply to a high end DSLR. For me, the XT-1 not only reaches back to the original sensuality of a great film camera, but does it in a way that takes every advantage of modern technology. An amazing achievement.

And Cotswold Cameras is exactly the kind of personal, non-corporate, service that I'd rather deal with when it comes to finding what really works for you. Because it's you, and not the camera that matters in the end.

Richard W-Loughborough-5 Stars

D810 Body and 25-70 Lens bought in a trouble free transaction. Camera every thing I hoped it would be. Thanks Cotswold Cameras.

Richard Beal-Gloucestershire-5 Stars

Very happy with the price and service from Cotswold Cameras. The camera and lens are superb and so much lighter and smaller than the DSLR I was using.

Ron Edwards-Sittingbourne-5 Stars

Excellent Camera, specifications very high,the camera is easy to use controls easy to get to well pleased with the results.

Top marks to Cotswold Cameras for the way the transaction was handled in buying and delivering it.

Hazel Thomas-South Wales, UK-5 Stars

I've heard wonderful things about this lens from other photographers but have never yet been able to test it for myself. However, being required to shoot a crowd of rugby fans in very low light, this lens really came into its own. I loved using it and am amazed by the results. It's most definitely my new favourite lens. And Cotswold Cameras are definitely my new favourite suppliers too - awesome customer service, fabulous communication and, when something goes wrong, they rectify it immediately. Superb! Thank you! :-)

David Kelly-Huddersfield, West Yorkshire-5 Stars

After much thought I decided that I would celebrate my retirement with an upgraded camera, and chose the Canon EOS 5D Mark 3. I read many reviews and spoke to a couple of people I met who were using one. The consensus was that it was the best camera for my needs - I am an enthusiastic birdwatcher, and have been mildly disappointed by the results with my previous cameras. So far, I am very impressed; it is quick, fairly straightforward to set up and use, though I think I will need to get a better lens to use when out and about, the supplied lens is excellent for most occasions, but is not powerful enough for long range shots. I am still experimenting with the features and menu, and have invested in a more detailed specific guide to the camera in order to assist my understanding. All in all, I am very happy with my decision.

Peter Evans-France-5 Stars


I just wanted to confirm receipt of the D810 and wide-angle zoom today

(Thursday 18th September) at 14:30. Considering these items were coming from Hong Kong to rural France and that I only ordered them on Sunday 14th September at 14:15, and that P&P was inclusive, that is remarkable.

The camera and lens are both perfect, have been registered with Nikon

Professional Services, and I have no problems whatsoever (on the contrary, I'm delighted!)

Thank you once again for a brilliant service and amazing value. As 'Arnie' once said, "I'll be back!"

Ciao for now

Peter Evans


Gay Barbara Hathaway-Cheltenham-5 Stars

From the moment I contacted Cotswold Cameras I received excellent customer service. Initially I rang and asked advise about which camera would suite my budget and requirements. The advice was first class and I ordered a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 Body. The item came within 5 days - very well packaged and in perfect condition. Having used the camera extensively I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend others to purchase from Cotswold Cameras. They were cheaper than anywhere else I could find this item including ebay and Amazon.

Gay Barbara Hathaway-Cheltenham-5 Stars

From the moment I contacted Cotswold Cameras I received excellent customer service. Initially I rang and asked advise about which camera and lens combination would suite my budget and requirements. The advice was first class and I ordered a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 Body and the Canon EF 85mm f/1,2L II USM Lens. The items came within 5 days - very well packaged and in perfect condition. Having used the camera and lens extensively I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend others to buy from Cotswold Cameras. They were cheaper than anywhere else I could find on the internet including ebay and Amazon.

andy-brighton-4 Stars


David O-Chester. UK-5 Stars

Camera arrived whilst on holiday, checked it out, I was a bit dubious as Nikon had put out a notice re some may have spots/speckles if using long time exposures anyway checked serial and all was OK.

Pleased with the camera, lot different than my D80, still trying to get my head round it.

Ordering was painless and would recommend, looking at lenses at the mo hmm.

Trevor-Havant-5 Stars

I can't write much of a review about this camera yet as I have only had it a short while and not had time to play much yet. What I will say is that David at Cotswold Cameras gave excellent advice via email prior to me placing an order which helped me make a decision on which camera to go for. I normally use a Nikon D700 and Pro lenses and was looking for a small and lightweight camera that I could use when I didn't want to lug all the gear around with me.

After making my decision and placing an order I received excellent communication via email with Cotswold Cameras which gave me confidence in using this company. The camera was delivered in just a few days and I am more than happy with the service and had the benefit of a great low price. So much so that I then went ahead and ordered an additional lens from Cotswold Cameras.

The camera and lenses are going to make a refreshing change to my photography and I will be looking forward to taking the OMD E-M1 as my only camera on holiday with me very soon. I do not intend this to be a replacement for my DSLR but am sure that it is going to be a joy to use and still get good results when I do not want to carry the weight of my DSLR gear. I may find that my DSLR stays at home more often now while my new friend 'Olly' is at my side.

This was my first experience using Cotswold Cameras and I cannot fault the excellent service I have received.

The camera was full UK spec with UK mains lead.

I did however get an unexpected invoice from the courier for duty and taxes but this was immediately refunded to me by Cotswold Cameras on production of the invoice.

I did not get any charges for the addtional lens I bought.

Sira-London-5 Stars

Extremely happy with the service from Cotswold Cameras. All communication was promptly dealt with. Now using the Olympus OM-D E-M1 more than my Nikon D700. Next purchase will be the new Pro Lens 40-150!!.