Terms & Conditions

Warranty repairs are carried out either at one of our authorised repair centres or a service centre of your choosing. We are always happy to liase with customers to find the most suitable option to ensure that repairs are carried out quickly and to the highest standard.

The 14 day money back guarantee takes effect from the day that you take delivery of the goods and applies to unused in 'as new' condition items. If we receive returned items that are not in as new condition then we reserve the right to assess the market value and subtract this depreciation from the amount refunded. We not only meet, but exceed the requirements of the Long Distance Selling regulations.

Please note that courier costs for returned items are born by the customer.

On occasion companies and their employees buy from us in order to carry out research. Although we are happy for this to happen we reserve the right to charge a 30% restocking fee + the cost of delivery when these items are returned to cover our expenses. By purchasing in this manner you are agreeing to these terms. This does not affect normal customers in any way and we never charge any fee to members of the public returning their goods in as new condition.

We respond to 90% of enquiries via email as we are an online company and find this to be the most efficient way to answer queries. However we are always happy to talk to customers and we also contact many of our customers via Skype. However you wish to speak with us we are never more than a phone call or email away.

In the event that you need to return your item, simply get in touch with us and we will provide our returns address.

Your data is always protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Please note that by making a purchase on this website you will be acting as the importer of the product for all purposes including all customs regulations, copyright and trademark laws. You accept that the role of Cotswold Cameras is limited to sourcing products and making them available for you to import directly from the country of origin. By purchasing a product through this website you authorise our suppliers to make arrangements for clearance of customs on your behalf for the products you have ordered.

Some of our customers request orders to be delivered to a different address than their billing address. We will only accept this if paying by BACS. 

Terms of Cotswold Cameras 3 year camera and lens warranty This warranty program is valid for the original purchaser only. It covers all manufacturer's defects. Here are details on what our warranty does not cover: - Physical or non-physical damages, which includes accidents, use of supplies or parts not meeting the product's specifications, misuse of software application, neglect, fire, water, lightning, other acts of nature, or unauthorised product modification, removal, installation and set-up services by any third party, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product. - Focusing issue for 3rd party lenses - 3rd party lenses (Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina, etc) often require calibration to work correctly with your camera. We do not consider this to be a manufacturer's defect. - Firmware/software issues - We cannot guarantee the firmware version of our products and whether they can be updated. - Wear and tear - We do not consider the following to be manufacturer's defects if they are discovered after 14 days of delivery: sensor dust, viewfinder dust, sensor hot pixel, small deadpixel on the LCD/LED screen, failure of wearable parts through repeated usage, such as connecting/charging ports and battery covers. ii. We have the right to decide whether we will repair, replace, refund, regarding the defective product. iii. The warranty period starts from the day of delivery, as shown on the courier's tracking system. Any defect occurring after the expiration of the warranty period is not accepted. Any issue being reported after the 14 day returns period will be treated as a warranty claim and dealt with accordingly. Your right to a refund expires after this 14 day period.